Technical Roadmap

Phase I

Astronaut protocol will deploy in three phases carrying it into v2.0. The first phase of Astronaut will begin with the launch of the NAUT token and a minimum viable product (MVP) on the Binance network. During this phase holders of NAUT will receive a distribution and the NAUT token will have a variable burn mechanism instilled. The goal of this phase is to allow test the token dynamics, gather user feedback, UI feedback, and prepare for a perfected, secure and robust infrastructure for Phase II.

Phase II

During Phase II partnerships with multiple projects on the BNB network will be achieved. Astronaut will have liquidty pools setup for staking NAUT and reaping rewards. During the later stage Phase II Astronaut will have an evolved UI and see the full launch of the working product on the BNB environment, enabling BNB projects to raise funds in BNB or any other Binance Smart Chain-based tokens that the project chooses to raise in.

Phase III

Token swap platform will become available making it easy for users to swap the correct BNB token to enter into the pools creating a low barrier to entry. Integration of governance-based and Astronaut audit system will be deployed for new fundraising projects. Further protecting our platforms users we will have a vault partnership with a third-party will be made to secure projects liquidity for a time period.

Detailed Roadmap

Phase I -

  • Private sale
  • UI Buildout v1.0
  • Token Auto Yield
  • Burn Mechanism
  • Liquidity Mining
  • Anti-scam features such as smart contract verifications
  • Partnership with DeFi platforms
  • HashEx Smart Contract Audit

Phase II -

  • UI/UX Changes v.1.6
  • Platform redesign
  • Private sales platform - Rocket ship protocol
  • Crowdsale platform
  • Staking for governance and pools
  • Multi-wallet smart contract integration

Phase III -

  • UI / UX Optimization v1.8
  • Token swap platform
  • Key token swap information, including smart contract, swap ratio
  • Private pools with passwords for OTC and private-sales
  • Slippage price alerts (for 2.0 integration only)
  • Pool swap page with features like max pool amount
  • Project KYC and private audit eligibility
  • English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and Korean languages