Liquidity Mining & Staking

Liquidity Mining
To incentivize participation in daily token pools, we are launching a liquidity mining program for projects that have launched on Astronaut's platform
Astornaut will lock some liquidty with the launched projects on our platform and allow token holders to stake LP's to mine token rewards. Staking will be BNB / (launched project) LP's.
Staking for Pool Access
For high-demand pools, access can be limited to the NAUT holders by tier. Password protection and whitelisting are potential features that could provide additional limits. However, to best align the interests of the entire Astronaut community, the BNB token can be used as a coordinating mechanism.
For instance, if community members want access to certain token pools, they must stake BNB tokens. Of course, token pool creators have full autonomy over this process. For projects that use the Astronaut platform, our goal is to craft diverse token holder communities loyal to the project and invested in its long-term success.


NAUT-NAUT pools will be available exclusively on the Astronaut platform after the deployment of the full dApp. We will continously update the strategy for best NAUT returns for our investors in a fixed manner.