What are tiered launchpad pools?

(ACTIVE 12/20/2021)

For IDOs on BSC (NAUT):
-No need to stake. Just hold enough NAUT in your wallet.
-Astronaut FCFS Tiers: Hold in wallet to be eligible for IDO pools. No pool weights; we set max allocations for each IDO based on amount of raise.
Moon —400 $NAUT tokens
Mars — 1000 $NAUT tokens
Star — 2500 $NAUT tokens
Galaxy — 6000 $NAUT tokens
Unofficial Guaranteed Allocation - 50,000 $Naut tokens
(DM an admin if you’re thinking of doing this route, we’ll get you situated👌🏼)
It's FCFS, get in during the Astroshot round before the IDO is sold out to get your allocation.
-The only way of getting a guaranteed allocation spot is by winning the (very competitive) whitelist competition.
-Buy NAUT from Apeswap, PancakeSwap or Babyswap.
-NAUT has 4% tax on every buy/sell/transfer.

(INACTIVE 09/2021)

Tiered launchpad works by allowing the highest tier individuals to pool higher pool weights. In other terms, the higher tier you are the more you can stake into the new project launch.
  • Moon - 300 NAUT tokens staked - Pool weight of 20
  • Mars - 750 NAUT tokens staked - Pool weight of 50
  • Star - 1000 NAUT tokens staked - Pool weight 75
  • Galaxy - 1500 NAUT tokens staked - Pool weight 125
  • Black Hole - Undisclosed (different for each project) pool weight for VIP NAUT holders *will require longer stake period
The larger the pool weight the larger is your available share in the IDO to purchase with either BNB or BUSD. We will have a max number on the amount of participants available for every pool. We will continously collect feedback to make the platform benefit the masses.
Astronaut will require NAUT holders who are in different tiers to stake into pools at least 7 days prior to a launch. These tokens get locked within the tier for the full 7 days and are released 1-2 days after the IDO has been completed.
For whitelist requirements there will be certain requirements for Moon and Mars tier.
During the initial sale of a project on Astronaut tiers have 24 hours to claim their Round 1 stake. At any moment, NAUT holders can remove their BUSD or BNB stake in the IDO (not tiers as they get locked for the full period) or minimize it. Not every NAUT holder will fulfill their full allocation. If the full hard cap allocation has not been staked NAUT holders will have a second opportunity to get a share of more tokens through a public FCFS pool.

Pool Participants

We will max out the amount of pool participants on a FCFS basis according to the amount of raise the IDO calls for. This will give participants the high allocations they deserve for burning their NAUT token. It also makes Astronaut a more exclusive launchpad to whitelist into the IDO.
  • 100k raise = 300 participants
  • 150k raise = 350 participants
  • 200k raise = 600 participants
  • 250k raise = 650 participants
  • 300k raise = 800 participants
  • 350k raise = 850 participants
  • 400k raise = 1000 participants

Round 2 FCFS

If you don’t want to burn NAUT tokens or you missed the chance to get into the tiers we will host a second FCFS round. This will be available to anyone who holds 10+ NAUT tokens. You will have a max purchase of 200 BUSD per user. It is strictly FCFS and is closed once sold out.

How Does The Tier System Work?

(below are just examples of how pools work and are by no means actual tier schedules)
(Let’s do some math to explain how these weights work, we will keep the numbers simple so you can better understand the process:)
140 Participants are included in this “demo” IDO with 1,000,000 tokens for sale:
100 Moon, 25 Mars, 10 Star, 5 Galaxy — Participants
(Pool equation = Pool weight x Participant)
20 x 100 = 2000
50 x 25 = 1250
75 x 10 =750
125 x 5 = 625
Total Weight: 4,625
(Weight equation = Tokens / Total weight or 1000000 / 4625 = 216.21)
(Pool equation x Weight equation)
20 x 100 x 216.21 = 432,420
50 x 25 x 216.21 = 270,262
75 x 10 x 216.21 = 162,157
125 x 5 x 216.21 = 135,131
Then just divide the pool weight by the amount of participants in each pool tier so it looks as follows:
432,420 / 100 = 4,324 Tokens participant
270,262 / 25 = 10,810 Tokens per participant
162,157 / 10 = 16,215 Tokens per participant
135,131 / 5 = 27,026 Tokens per participant
This is how it works! Review this so you can better understand the process of the tier schedule. We will extract feedback and data regarding the pool weights and tier levels after every IDO launch. If all the tokens in the pool have not been bought we would do one of two things (which we are still deciding on)
  1. 1.
    Make a second round as a FCFS system for tier holders in place
  2. 2.
    We would open the pools to the public to get some allocation such as a crowdsale style.
Data will be collected after every launch and we will work to improve its functionality over time.
With a fair launch system we plan to improve the platform with feedback, data, and governance. Over time new or changed tier systems will be put in place. The platform benefits all holders of the native $NAUT token allowing for a fair launch and giving traders of any size the opportunity to invest in new projects coming to the Binance ecosystem.